DentaCheques and Dental Lifeline Network would like to extend our profound gratitude to the following 2019 DentaCheques dealer companies, manufacturers, and supporters.

Dealer Companies

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 Acteon  Avalon Biotrol   Coltene dentsply-restorativesdentsply-preventivesdentsply-endodentsply-prosthetics     heraeus-kulzer  Kerr Medicom  oralb PDT  Preventech Quala Richmond    YoungDental


“We at Colgate-Palmolive Company are honored to support Dental Lifeline Network and Its life-sustaining work. Thanks to you and your purchase of DentaCheques, vulnerable individuals receive life-changing care every day. We are grateful for your help in this program that restores health, dignity and smile to people who desperately need care.”

Dr. Barbara Shearer, BDS MDS PhD
Director of Scientific Affairs
Colgate Oral Pharmaceuticals

“The Dental Trade Alliance is proud to help dentists save on their purchases while supporting this worthy cause. We thank you for joining us in supporting Dental Lifeline Network”

Gary Price
Chief Executive Officer
Dental Trade Alliance

“Each sale of DentaCheques helps fund out Donated Dental Services (DDS) program and more specifically, fund the work of DDS Program Coordinators. On behalf of DDS patients, our generous volunteers, the Board of Directors and staff at Dental Lifeline Network, thank you for your support.”

Frank A. Maggio, DDS
Chairman, Dental Lifeline Network